Wedding Packages

Full Wedding Coordination
(6 to 12 months)

From conceptualization until the day of the event, we cover almost every detail of your wedding event.

Suitable for couples who barely have time and who prefers to be freed from the minute details of the wedding preparations.  

Follow-through Wedding Coordinator
3 to 6 months

Resuming from whatever the couple has initially prepared from the time of appointment to the wedding day. 

Suited for those who have started planning but needs assistance in putting the event together.

"In-The-Month-Of" Wedding Coordination
1 to 2 months

Coordination starts from the month of endorsement until the wedding day.

Suited for couples who have done partial planning and needs final detailing of event.

"On-The-Day" Wedding Coordination
1 week to 1 month

Endorsement and coordination usually takes place at least 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding and continue on until the day of the event. 

Suited for couples who are planning the wedding themselves but need help in logistics and ensuring a consistent flow of the wedding ceremony.