One of the most awaited list from every couple is the Entourage. They are the ladies and gentlemen who will form part of the wedding party, and has the role of assisting the couple in their wedding needs.
Just a simple note to the couple from your wedding planner: On your wedding day, the Entourage are the ones who will surround you from preparations to the last minute of your wedding. They will form part of your pre-wedding preparations, fitting of dresses, rehearsal dinners, shower party, stag party, make up session and they will definitely be a part of your wedding pictures. This is the group who should be the ones to lighten up your wedding and reception moods.
Tip #1-Choose people who will encourage you and lighten you up on your big day. Choose your relatives or friends who are thinking of your welfare more than anything else. People who will think of their Groom & Bride’s happiness more than their personal comfort especially on the wedding day.
Tip#2 – Choose your “Bibbo”/cooperative friends/. If you want your Wedding to be upbeat and light, fun and memorable, choose those who will participate in the program and the wedding activities. They should be the ones who would not just sit in one corner and seeks to be served rather than fulfilling their role as Entourage.
Tip #3- Choose the ones who are closest to you. After all, the ones who will love to stay and stick with you from start to finish of your wedding will be those who dedicated their time for you as a couple. They understand that your wedding day is more than special to you and will stay with you until all things are wrapped up.


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